Seniors are so special they

get three poses!

...a Formal Photo in tux or drape, a Casual Artsy Photo outdoors, and a Cap & Gown for graduation.  With most schools, we schedule a date in July or August to capture the Formals and Casuals at the same time.  Students first come into the gym (or other location) to be dressed in one of the “quick-fit” Tuxedoes or Drapes we supply.  They spend a few minutes in front of our studio back drop taking multiple formal photos from different angles, then they’ll change back into their regular clothes and spend about five minutes or so taking photos with one of our outdoor photographers.


Cap & Gown photos can be added at the same time, but most schools schedule them in the spring.  Depending on your school’s size, we’ll have multiple photographers stationed indoors and out.  We move quickly and can get amazing shots in no time.  We abhor cookie cutter images, so our outdoor photographers utilize your entire campus to find unique settings and poses for every student!  What parents love most is that we allow them to choose which photo or photos they’d like for the yearbook – some schools only include a formal photo, but if you’d like to have a formal AND casual in the yearbook, parents can choose both online!

Senior example.jpg
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