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Together Again!

If Class Photos are used for your yearbook, we usually take them in the fall along with individual photos.  A class of 4's, for example, usually comes outside, we sit them for a class photo, and then we take their individuals.  If your school can wait until spring, we'll take class photos then.

Large Class photo.jpg

Some schools have us take photos of entire grades, especially those moving on.  For example, if your school is only K-8th, we can do a photo of all the 8th Graders.  Either way, you decide what you need and we'll make a copy for you free of charge and make it available for parents to purchase online.  You may be surprise to know that during Covid, we still made class photos possible by taking photos of students individually and then Photoshopping them together to make the photo you see below.  Ask and you shall receive.. that's OUR motto!  View some of the samples below, then give us a call to discuss how we can WOW your parents for a change!

CLSC Senior 2021 for web.jpg
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