Alternative Arrangements

No Trees?

We can create beautiful portraits at almost any school no matter what the environment offers...  but occasionally there are LITTERALLY NO TREES, FLOWERS OR SHRUBS.  This was the case at a new school with only temporary trailers for classrooms and no landscaping whatsoever.

To solve the problem, the school used their fundraiser monies so we could purchase artificial grass, small trees and colorful flowers.  In this small space, we had four photographers taking pictures of students at the same time.


And these were the results! Beautiful outdoor portraits that DON'T look like they were taken in front of an artificial backdrop.  Parents loved the portraits!  The following year, landscaping was available at the school and we were able to take photos as we usually do at most schools. ​

Alt examples.jpg

Check out some of the examples below, then give us a call to see how we can really WOW your parents!

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